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My name is Gabriela Milian, and I hope that all of my great experiences lead to some of your own.

Born in New York, and raised all over the place many would consider me to be a free spirit. My love for travel, television, movies, being outdoors, and never living the same day twice has blessed me with so many great opportunities to see the world.

Chicas en Taquile
Isla Tikonata, Lago Titicaca, Perú

I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University, and a recent graduate of Rutgers University where I studied Journalism and Spanish. Rutgers provided me with tremendous opportunities to travel, which you will find in this blog.

Professionally I have had journalistic experience working for Telemundo47, NBC News, News 12 NJ, The Tab, CNN, CBS News, and ABC News in New York City. These jobs have led me through so many major milestones in my career, and I hope they will help shape me into a reputable reporter.

IG Telemundo
Senatorial Elections, Telemundo47

That being said, stories are how I make meaning out of life. Whether I am listening to someone else’s story, or sharing one of my own.

My main goal is to enhance my storytelling abilities to enrich the lives of others. Because my life has been so enriched by what others have shared with me.

Riding to the Grand Canyon

So please join me! For more on my experiences around the globe.